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Our mission: sound health

Audibility create apps and services that employ sound in innovative ways to help enhance users' health and well-being.

Our most popular product is Tinnitus Therapy Pro, an app which uses a scientifically researched approach to help users reduce the debilitating ringing in their ears associated with tinnitus. Other ways in which we help users manage tinnitus symptoms is by providing a service to create custom audio therapy tracks, specifically tailored to an individual's tinnitus tone/s.

We also create audio-based apps to help boost concentration or improve sleep and relaxation – as well as other apps just for entertainment.

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Tailored tinnitus audio therapy service

We can create spectrally-notched audio therapy tracks, tuned specifically for your own tinnitus tone/s. You can choose to base your therapy on 'pink noise', classical music, or your own favourite music.

Custom tinnitus therapy track

  • ✔️ We help you characterise your tinnitus tone/s
  • 🔉 We create a unique 10-minute audio therapy track that is based on pink noise and individually tuned for your tinnitus
$ 10USD

Custom tinnitus therapy music

  • ✔️ We help you characterise your tinnitus tone/s
  • 🎵 We create a unique 20-minute music therapy track that is based on classical music and individually tuned to your tinnitus
$ 20

Custom tinnitus therapy MP3s

  • ✔️ We help you characterise your tinnitus tone/s
  • 🎶 We create custom tinnitus therapy tracks based on your own 3 favourite MP3 music files (maximum 10 minutes per track)
$ 30


Prices are quoted in US Dollars. Unlike other services out there, we do not charge a monthly fee. Your custom therapy tracks are yours to keep forever.

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Tinnitus Therapy Pro

Using a scientifically researched approach for reducing tinnitus symptoms (known as 'spectrally-notched audio tinnitus retraining') this app has so far helped thousands of users to reduce their tinnitus symptoms.

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Over 9,000 users so far with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. We listen to user feedback and continuously improve our software.

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References and cited research

While there is no known cure for tinnitus, its symptoms can often be reduced and controlled with various treatments. Audiologists and ENT doctors may recommend diet or medication-based treatments for some users and, if you have been prescribed medication, you should always continue to follow your medical professional's advice. In order to supplement any tinnitus management regime, you may also want to consider audio therapy for its reported benefits. If you would like to read some of the research supporting the claims that spectrally-notched audio therapy can help to reduce tinnitus symptoms, you can read that research below.

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Hear from some of our customers

Photo of user

Nigel's Plan B

See original review here

Long Covid left me with 24hr high frequency tinnitus. As a musician, this was life changing. I found this app whilst dodging expensive subscriptions and thought to give it a go. First use blocked out the ringing and gave mea most welcome break. Immediately afterwards I could barely notice it. It comes back eventually but a quick burst on the app and I'm good to go. This really worked for me and I'm so happy! Thanks to the Dev!

Photo of user

John Payne

See original review here

I've had tinnitus for quite a while and have always just ignored it, but after doing some research into it, I discovered that there are ways to combat it. This app has been really good. I've been doing one 20 minute session in the morning and one 20 minute session in the evenings. After an initial increase in intesity, it does seem to be reducing. I found it hard to match the tone, but I think I've nailed it now. I think I had it too loud at first as well. Thank you for this app!

Photo of user

Julie Davies

See original review here

Well, I could leap for joy!! Only used four times and there is, touch wood, a huge improvement. Woke up today with only very slight ringing when I have had a very high pitched ring for six weeks. Provided immediate relief and seems to be helping tremendously so thank you.

Photo of user

Vukovic Vlado

See original review here

Excellent, solved my high pitch noise in my ears. 2 weeks after working with angle grinder noise didn't go away. With apps after 4-5 treatments noise is gradually fade away. Thanks for silence ✌️

Questions?   Get started

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

Where's the research behind our tinnitus therapy approach?

The therapy approach behind this app is known as 'spectrally notched audio tinnitus retraining'. It has been thoroughly researched for at least the last decade, showing similar efficacy levels to the much more expensive neuromodulation devices (around 85%).

You can read some of the research behind this app here.

What volume should I use for the tinnitus therapy treatment?

The therapy noise should be listened to at about the same volume as normal conversation.

It is not intended simply to mask or drown out your tinnitus, but instead to reduce your brain's sensitivity to your tinnitus pitch over time.

For this reason, you do not need to (and should not) turn the volume up too high. And you should never listen to any sound at a volume which causes pain or discomfort.

How long to use the treatment?

Start with the normal setting of 20 minutes per day. Most users notice a benefit after a few days use. Then use the app just once or twice a day, or as much as you feel you need to in order to keep your tinnitus under control.

Some users settle on using the app for a bit longer than 20 minutes at a time. The filtered pink noise is safe for your hearing at normal conversation volume.

But, just for added safety, the app will limit a therapy session to a maximum of 2 hours.

Why does the tinnitus app exit sometimes while running in the background?

Because of Android's battery management, it may decide just to kill the app when it's running in the background. Since it's not a messaging app, it is not treated as 'special'.

However, you can read more about this and how to prevent apps from 'sleeping' in the background on Android here.

Worried about malware?

We only distribute our apps through the official Google Play Store, so that Google Play Protect can verify them and scan for dodgy code. We advise against downloading apps for your Android device from anywhere else.

As regards the custom therapy tracks, these are distributed just as MP3 music files, so they can contain NO executable software code for you to worry about.

How do I treat multiple tinnitus tones?

Our Tinnitus Therapy app currently only supports treating 1 tinnitus tone at a time, so you would pick the most dominant frequency first and treat different tones at separate times.

If your tinnitus is more complex and you wish to treat 2 or more different tinnitus frequencies at once, we recommend you order a custom tinnitus therapy track.

Why does my tinnitus increase briefly after treatment?

When using the Tinnitus Therapy Pro app, roughly 2% of users briefly get a temporary Zwicker Tone after the first few uses, but this will go away soon.

The treatment is based on 'pink noise' which cannot damage your hearing at normal conversation volume. The medium and long term benefits of the treatment are well-documented and most users notice a benefit after a few days use. Make sure you closely matched your tinnitus tone when setting up the treatment. You don't need to be exact, but if you could not match your tinnitus tone to within about 500 Hz just contact us for help.

Can the treatment replace my medicine or professional medical advice?

No. There is no app or therapy that is a replacement for your medicine or professional medical advice. If you are taking prescribed medication, please continue to do so as instructed by your health professional.

If your tinnitus is sufficiently bad, you should seek medical advice in an attempt to find the underlying cause of your tinnitus.

Do your treatments work offline?

Yes. Neither our Tinnitus Therapy Pro app, nor the custom therapy tracks require you to stay connected to the internet.

Should I use speakers or headphones to listen to the tinnitus therapy?

Since our tinnitus therapy relies on delivering a specially tuned range of frequencies (and ONLY those frequencies) to your ears, we recommend that you use good quality headphones instead of speakers.